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How Rare is Turquoise?



Turquoise is one of the rarest gemstones around. It’s only found in a few places across the globe as it takes the right dry, barren conditions to make our favourite blue gemstone. In some parts of the world it’s becoming extremely rare to find the striking, most natural blue stone adored across the globe due to mines closing, Government restrictions and the high costs involved in mining. Therefore, sourcing good quality Turquoise is not as easy as the industry makes it look yet we have expert specialists ensuring that we have access to the finest, naturally sourced Turquoise. 


The Finest Most Rarest Turquoise


When it comes to valuing the rarity of Turquoise the origins play a huge part. Traditionally, the stones with the most even, intense blue colour were found in the Nishapur district of Iran however, during the 20th century Southwest America took over as the source of the most valuable Turquoise available. Once a mine shuts down, the Turquoise sourced from there becomes increasingly desirable and rare to find. 




Rarer Than Diamonds


It’s true, Turquoise is far less common than the dazzling diamonds that are extremely popular due to their exquisite sparkle. Diamonds are in fact easier to source and work with due to their hardness. Turquoise in comparison is very soft and more difficult to find making the stone very exclusive. Turquoise has become even more desirable especially to those who love the various origins, hues and matrix that the scared stone brings. High quality Turquoise is quite scarce making it more valuable than shimmering diamonds.  


Beware of Imitations


It’s so rare many in the industry try to deceive. They find a lookalike or enhance the shade using dying techniques to improve the colour and lustre. Over time the hue will fade to the disappointment of the owner. There are easy tests that you can do to determine the authenticity but we strongly advise that you always buy from a trusted retailer, like us. 

It’s important that the seller is transparent as to where they source their Turquoise. Many industry professionals are trustworthy and will help you find the perfect genuine design. Always do your research so that you can buy with confidence. 




Highly Sought After Turquoise


Turquoise is usually quite soft and porous making the cutting process quite difficult. Therefore, the slightly harder more stable fragments can be handcrafted into striking pieces of jewellery without any damage. These are the pieces that are highly sought after in the industry making them difficult to find. Some soft pieces are enhanced to make them more easier to work with and the colour more appealing. However, it is the pure, natural Turquoise that everyone wants and these stone are not as valuable. 


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