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Ring Sizing



We get it, when ordering a ring online you want it to be just right when it arrives at your door. It’s frustrating to open the box to find out it’s too big and keeps sliding off or it’s too small and very uncomfortable. Either way, it’s disappointing, a feeling that we hope to avoid with our downloadable guide that is not only easy to follow but provides a way to get your ring size as close as possible without being in store and trying a few on. 

We have a lot of experience in the jewellery industry, over 40 years in fact! We’ve handcrafted and fit a lot of rings in that time so we certainly know a thing or two when it comes to sizing. However, although we’re confident that we have created a helpful resource, it’s important to understand that our guide is more of an estimate than an accurate measurement. 


>>Please download our ring sizing guide here <<


If you are still unsure of what ring size to go with please get in touch with our jewellery specialists. Ring us, send an email or use our live chat to discuss your queries and we can help make the right decision. Our aim is to make shopping online as easy as possible but there is always the option of popping in to one of our boutiques. You are welcome to try on a few designs and our friendly staff with help you find your ring size. 




What Happens If I Choose the Wrong Size?


It’s important to remember that our ring sizer is not 100% precise and should always be used as a guide. Booking an appointment with one of our specialists in store in the easiest way to get your exact ring size. 

If your ring arrives from ordering yourself online and it is too big or too small, there are a few things we can do. We strive to ensure that our after sales service is spot on and in this situation, we would offer to resize the ring or recreate the design in the correct size. Please do be aware that this will be at a cost to you. 


Planning a Proposal


We understand that choosing the correct size for your fiancé to be can be an incredibly difficult task. If the proposal is a complete surprise you can’t just come out and ask them. As you know we’ve been in the jewellery business a long time and there are ways of finding out the size without them knowing. 

Both engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the third finger on the left hand. It’s not very likely that they will already have a ring that fits on this particular finger. We usually ask for you to look in their jewellery box and find a ring that they wear on their middle finger and choose a size or two below. 

We all know that you want to get the size just right for your special proposal but if it isn’t quite right we can resize the ring to ensure that it is a perfect fit. 




Don’t Forget… 


Here are a few tips when choosing a ring. 

  • A broader style ring usually fits tighter. Therefore, if you are choosing a ring that has a larger band width, you will most likely need to go up one size. 
  • Make sure NOT to measure your ring size when you have cold hands as typically your ring size will be half a size smaller. 
  • If unsure always seek professional advice. We would love to help you plan your proposal, please call us on 01335 216 004 or drop us an email on sales@cwsellors.com



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