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Jewellery Care



Worn day after day, your much loved jewels need a place to be stored safely on the road or at home. When everything has a place, nothing gets broken or lost. Investing in a travel case and jewellery box really goes a long way. Ensuring that you implement good practices such as not leaving pieces around the house and booking regularly cleaning services will ensure that your jewellery will last a long time. 


Travel With Ease


Take your favourite pieces on every trip with our selection of stylish jewellery cases. Designed with all types of jewellery in mind, jet setters can neatly organise their chosen items and store in their suitcase or overnight bag to avoid any damage. Whether it’s travelling across the globe or vacating a few hours down the road, your most worn jewels will never be far away. 




Remove When Cleaning


Never wear your jewellery whilst cleaning as the harsh chemicals involved will most certainly damage your much-loved designs. Even water can harm jewellery so it’s important to remove each piece when showering, washing up or swimming. We advise to always store in your jewellery box rather than on the windowsill or kitchen shelf to avoid damage.


Everything Has a Place


It couldn’t be easier - our range of chic jewellery boxes keep your ever-growing collection beautifully arranged and safe from harm if left lying around the house. Looking right at home wherever you choose to place it, our box designs are stylish, contemporary and elegant. Expertly crafted, there’s a compartment for every ring, bracelet, necklace, earring and charm to sit comfortably. 




Clean Regularly


It’s no secret that jewellery can tarnish over time so, make sure that you regularly clean. We sell cleaning cloths for sterling silver and gold jewellery to keep them in excellent condition all year round. That being said, these are not suitable for cleaning Turquoise just the metal part of the jewellery, which will need to be performed with accuracy. Simply use a damp cotton cloth to delicately rub the Turquoise gem and then dry with a clean, soft cloth to take away any water left behind. 


Seek Out Experts


…like us! Having your jewellery serviced and cleaned by a trusted professional guarantees longevity. We recommend getting those favourite pieces looked at once a year to avoid any damages. We also can restore and repair jewellery that has unfortunately been damaged as our specialists are highly trained in what they do. 


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