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Turquoise Experts



We don’t mean to boast but we pretty much know everything there is to know about Turquoise. The vivid, sky blue stone has been on our bench for some time now, being handcrafted into fine pieces of jewellery. There’s not many stones like it yet we’ve made it our business to make sure we’re well acquainted with the rare gem. 

When you work with something so close it’s hard not to get too familiar with it. We make and sell Turquoise every day of the week and therefore, know every detail about the beautiful stone. Let us explain. 


A Talented Team 


Measuring on the mohs scale at 5 to 6, Turquoise’s quite soft so it takes delicate hands to ensure each piece is hand carved with care and confidence. This takes skill and experience, which all of our talented craftsman have in abundance. Many of our loyal jewellery specialists have worked with us for decades bringing their wealth of knowledge every time. Newer jewellers in the workshop are highly trained in all aspects of Turquoise. We give in-depth training on the history behind the stone, its origins and of course, how to work with it. 

As you know all of our jewellery is handcrafted to perfection, therefore our talented jewellers have steady, skilled and experienced hands to guarantee high standards every time. Each cut, polish and finish is completed with the properties of Turquoise in mind.

Of course, our online team and boutique staff are also Turquoise experts. They work with the captivating gem daily and answer any questions from our lovely customers. It’s important that every member of our team know all there is to know about all the gemstones we work with at C W Sellors. 




We’re Huge Fans 


As we’ve said, we’re very big fans of the mesmerising gem - who isn't it. We just love working with it every day and no two days or pieces are the same. The colour or matrix differs from piece to piece allowing for creativity and originality. Our designers love a challenge and finding new ways to showcase this incredible gemstone that has captivated people for centuries.  

Passion, knowledge and expertise combine to create impressive collections that are truly one-of-a-kind. Everyone who works for us has the same enthusiasm and love for the stone, which you can see in everything that we do. Committed to bringing high quality Turquoise designs, it is so important that our team know exactly what they are doing. 




Buy Authentic Turquoise 


You can trust us! As we specialise in Turquoise we can spot the fakes a mile away. All of our Turquoise comes from the Kingman mine in Arizona and therefore, you can certainly buy from us with utter confidence. We pride ourselves on selling 100% authentic Turquoise that is sourced by our trusted suppliers. 

If you have any questions about Turquoise that you are hoping to buy and are unsure of its authenticity, we are happy to take a look for you. However, purchasing a piece from a reputable retailer (like us) is the much easier and safer way to shop. 


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